Lasers and accessories for surgery and oncology

Therapy laser Doris Multidiode 9 is the latest achievement in the field of therapeutic lasers. It characteristic is treatment probe composed of the plurality of diodes aimed at the treatment site for increased efficiency. Doris Multidiode provides a non-invasive and completely painless treatments. It is the ideal choice for modern medical practices. The device is ideal for lasertherapy of post-operative and post-amputation wounds.

Two treatment probes, a three-wave therapy laser equipped with a treatment point probe and surface treatment probe. Diode therapy laser - Doris Trio - CTL1106MX is a device designed to operate in a wide range of applications eg: surgery. Doris Trio - CTL 1106MX generates a continuous or modulated radiation, allowing to carry out effective and nonchemical dermatological treatments. It is recommended for laser therapy of post-operative wounds and scars, as well as wounds in metabolic diseases.

Co surgical laser Azuryt - CTL1401 guarantees a minimum area of 2 necrosis in healthy tissue. The wavelength of the CO laser is completely 2 absorbed by water. Focusing on body tissue causes it's vaporization while closing tiny blood and lymph vessels. Tighten nerve endings, so the treatments are almost painless. Useful for: biopsy of the nipple, remove lipomas, cysts, leathery and seborrheic keratosis and many others. It is also used in low-energy laser because of the second wavelength of 635nm with maximum power of 150mW.