Lasers and accessories for physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Laser CTL 1106MX - Doris generate laser radiation with a wavelength of 780nm and a maximum power of 300mW or 600mW. It is produced in two versions housing. Our latest laser Doris is the result of close cooperation between our engineers with doctors and physiotherapists. It is portable and handy device of the latest generation the highest reliability and effectiveness of the treatments. Laser therapy gives a unique opportunity to treat about 300 diseases and cases from the field of medicine. Examples of therapeutic applications include osteoarthritis, degenerative spine diseases, inflammations, traumas., stany zapalne, urazy.

Doris Duo is equipped with two treatment probes: point and surface. Point probe generates radiation 820nm or 780nm with a capacity of 300mW or 600mW. This choice of application parameters - probe and applicator - provides a safe, non-invasive nature of laser therapy. The second treatment probe is called surface, it generates radiation with a wavelength of 660nm and a power of 300mW or 600mW. This laser is very useful and very effective for the treatment of large cases as burns, pressure sores, back pain and many others.

Physio laser produces radiation having a wavelength of 780nm and 820nm and regulated power to 600mW. Diode laser therapy CTL 1106 has a two-point probe so it acts 2 times faster and sick tissue can be imaged from two sides simultaneously. Allows easy, painless and effectively implement low level laser therapy in more than 300 illnesses and cases. Especially recommended for treatment in physiotherapy, traumatology, rehabilitation, sports medicine, geriatrics. Examples includes: Osgood - Schlatter syndrome, supraspinatus syndrome, intercostal neuralgia, Achilles tendon sheath, inflammation of tendons, osteoarthritis and many others.

Doris Pro Duo generates radiation with a wavelength of 810nm - 5000mW and 635nm - 150mW. It is equipped with color LCD display. Laser Doris Pro Duo is a device designed for a wide range of physiotherapy applications, including sports medicine, rheumatology, traumatology. Professional laser CTL 1105MX designed for professionals physiotherapists, makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of treatment with non-invasive two wavelengths biostimulation.

Three wavelengths therapy laser equipped with a treatment point probe. Diode therapy laser - Doris Pro Trio - CTL1105MX is a device designed to operate in a wide range of applications in physiotherapy. Doris Pro Trio - CTL 1105MX generates a continuous or modulated radiation, allowing to carry out effective and non-chemical dermatological treatments. It is recommended for laser therapy of post-operative wounds and scars, as well as wounds in metabolic diseases.

Laser Odys Trio is an innovative device for the automatic exposure isosceles tissue in the horizontal and vertical laser radiation emitted from laser therapy. The control system of the scanner applicator is built on the basis of an internal microcomputer for selecting the shape and size of the area subjected to laser radiation and the speed of displacement. Equipped with three diode sources of radiation, therapeutic laser scanner CTL1106TS is widely used. We recommend the use of laser in the treatment of diseases of the spine. Thanks to the ability to set optimal wavelength, scanning speed and the optimal shape and size of the irradiated field, the device is also used for treatment of other diseases.