Lasers and accessories for pediatrics and neonatology

CO Surgical Laser - CTL 1401 - generating wavelength of 10600nm and 2 radiation power of 30W, with a graphic color display and 7-mirrors system of beam delivery. Our CO Laser is a one of the most gentle of all 2 known lasers used for efficient, non-contact and bloodless procedures of incision, vaporisation and coagulation of soft tissues in clean operation field. Designed for resection on parenchymal organs, removal of tumor lesions, skin lesions, treatment of the mucosa and many others.

Laser CTL 1106M generates radiation wavelength of 635nm and radiation power of 150mW. Equipped with the newest TFT touch technology graphic colour display. It is produced with two diffrence convex in diffrent colour. Diode therapy laser Doris Mini is our third generation device. It is partable and handy device, may be readily used both as a stationary or home visit. It is widely used in paediatrics. It is recommened for inflamantory and analgesic state. The laser allows to heal over 100 diseases and dentistry cases. All wavelength parameters have been chosen in view of their highest therapeutical effectiveness including antibacterial method PAD.ą PAD.

Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro - generates radiation with a wavelength of 940nm, 10W and extremely high power density radiation exposure on the tissue. Our laser is a device designed for a wide range of pediatric use. Very thin flexible optical fiber with a diameter of 0.15mm enables the low power radiation - obtain parameters of radiation allowing performing open surgery treatments - treatments in the open field operation eg. skin: hemangiomas, calluses, warts, warts; proctology: hemorrhoids, polyps, fistulas; disease navel: granulomas, cysts; lungs: lobar resections and cuneiform, traumatic change; abdomen: tumors and cysts of the liver, spleen, pancreas; limb: soft tissue tumors, hemangiomas and lymphatic vessels.

Photocoagulator Azuryt IRK CTL 3803 is the most modern device for photocoagulation. This allows for precise design of the depth of coagulation. The depth of necrosis of the tissue is carefully controlled by choice of the pulse duration. The treatment procedure is simple. The advantages of the device is the ability to implement procedures on an outpatient basis. Coagulation is equipped with a wide range of applicators enable gynecological exams and proctologic. Tungsten - halogen lamp emits radiation which is focused on the surface of the applicator fiber. Photocoagulator is used in pedatric for: treatment of hemangiomas, warts,control of bleeding after excision of tonsils and many others.