Lasers and accessories for ophthalmology

Laser CTL 1106M generates radiation wavelength of 635nm and radiation power of 150mW. Our diode therapy laser Doris Mini is a reasult of rapid development of laser therapy in medical procedures. Diode therapy laser Doris Mini is our third generation device. It is partable and handy device, may be readily used both as a stationary or home visit. The laser allows to heal the lacrimal gland in the dry eye syndrome, trigeminal neuralgia, corneal edema, corneal ulcers and burns, wounds and postoperative states of the eye, inflammation of the vitreous humor, cornea, conjunctiva and sclera.

Doris Pro Green - CTL 1551 is modern, small-size medical device. Laser radiation selectively interacts with haemoglobin and melanin. Being small-sized, the laser is extremely effective and precise. Treatment probe enable adjustment of laser beam diameter and time of impulse. The device is perfectly designed to select radiation parameters for vascular lesion's localization, size and thermal relaxation time of target tissue structures. Especially useful for: retinal photocoagulation, treatment of diabetic retinopathy and maculopathy, focal choroid inflammation, blood clots of central retinal vein and its branches.

Laser CTL 1105MX – Doris Pro Mini generates radiation wavelength of 940 nm and radiation power of 3W and very high density of radiation power on the tissue. Our laser is device designed for a wide range of ophtalmic applications. Very thin flexible optical fiber of 0.15mm diameter and with the small radiation power allows for obtaining radiation parameters enabling carrying the microsurgery. Typical treatments for this laser are: retinal neovascularization, coagulation of the vessels growing in the cornea, transcorneal photocoagulation of the ciliary body, focal choroid inflammation and many others.

Azuryt CTL 1401 is a surgical laser itended for non-contact incision, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissue. The radiation and coagulation of soft tissue. The radiation of CO2 laser is very well absorber by tissue water. the absorption does not depend on pigment content and thermal effect is only slightly diffused to surrounding tissues. Capability to coagulate capillary lymphatic vessels reduces a risk of metastasis in case of malignancies removal. In ophthalmology the device may be applicable for the treatment of peri-ocular skin area and eyelids or haemangiomas coagulation, xanthelasma, epithelioma, papilloma.