Lasers and accessories for gynaecology, urology and proctology

Diode Therapy Laser CTL 1106MX - Doris 820nm – 600mWDiode laser therapy - Doris - CTL 1106MX is a device designed for noninvasive treating in many gynecological diseases. This laser treatments are very effective and comfortable for patients. Radiation power 600mW adjustable to ensure the effective and rapid treatment, which is aseptic athermic, deprive of the side effects. It is particularly recommended for the treatment of chronic inflammation of appendages and ovarian cancer, ulcers, inflammation of the urethra, vulva, bladder and vagina, Bartholin's gland, wounds after electrocoagulation, electroconization and postoperative complications.

Doris Duo is equipped with two treatment probes: point and surface. Point probe generates radiation 820nm with a capacity of 300mW or 600mW. This choice of application parameters - probe and applicator - provides a safe, non-invasive nature of laser therapy. The second treatment probe is called surface, it generates radiation with a wavelength of 660nm and a power of 300mW or 600mW. This laser is very useful and very effective for the treatment of large cases as burns, pressure sores, back pain and many others.

Doris Plus - CTL 1551 the latest technology medical device is intended for precise incisions, controlled coagulation or tissue vaporization. Specially designed optical systems, possibility to build in diodes or laser modules of various wavelengths and a fiber optic system of beam delivery to gether with wide choice of treatment applicators guarantee unique range of applications in surgery and oncology. It is recommended for treatment in open opration field eg. removal of posttraumatic lesions, tumors and cysts.

Model intended for non-contact, highly precise surgical treatments including cutting, vaporization and coagulation within soft tissues with clear operative field. It seals off blood and lymph vessels and nerve endings as the laser incises what makes the treatment bloodless and minimizes postoperative oedema and pain. CO laser can be additionally equipped with colposcope and micromanipulator becoming a precise microsurgical tool in gynaecology.

Surgical CO Laser is intended for free-hand operation or operation with 2 endovaginal probes and scan head. The device integrated with endovaginal probe enables realization of treatments within vaginal mucous membranes. Thanks to automatic scan head it allows for precise fractional laser procedures. It is possible to couple the set with multispot objective thanks to which the vaginal mucous membrane is precisely irridated sector by sector producing 49 microcolumns on the tissue. The examples of applications are among others: vaginal and perineal rejuvenation, treatment of urinary incontinence, whitening of labia and surroundings of external genital organs, correction of vaginal and perineal postpartum injuries.

Our surgical Azuryt Scope laser is intended for non-contact, highly precise surgical treatments including cutting, vaporization and coagulation within soft tissues with clear operative field. During the treatment it coagulates tiny blood and lymph vessels what makes the treatment bloodless. It minimizes postoperative oedema and pain through coagulation of nerve endings. The basic equipment of the laser with exchangeable mirror applicators provides a possibility of surgical applications in all medical fields.