Lasers and accessories for dermatology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

Therapy laser Doris Multidiode 9 is the latest achievement in laser therapy. One of most characteristic feature of laser Doris Multiodiode 9 is it's treatment probe called surface probe which is composed of a number of diodes directed in place of surgery for increased efficiency. Doris Multidiode 9 provides a non-invasive and completely painless treatments eg.: in wound healing, vascular dermatoses, inflammatory conditions of the skin and it's appendages. It accelerates the healing of the skin and it's regeneration after aesthetic surgery.

Doris Multiprobe and Multidiode is an innovative device designed by CTL. It is intendend to completely painless and non-invasive fat reduction procedure. The laser light stimulates the fat cell membranes, changing their permeability. The cells lose their round shape, and intracellular fat is released. The process of fat reduction gradually passes through the natural metabolic processes in the body, without harmful physiological effects. The device ensures the success and safety in the treatment of weight loss, reduce centimeters, sculpt the silhouette, reduce cellulite.

Laser Doris Trio - CTL1106MX of the highest quality and reliability and also the latest technology. It has been designed and tested by a team of experienced engineers and specialists of laser therapy in many areas of medicine. This is device to effective, transdermal, non-invasive biostimulative treatments. Extremely high power of radiation allows great convenience and productivity, and also faster, more precise and more effective therapy in a wide range of medical applications.

Diode high power laser - Doris Plus HR - CTL1551 is increasingly being used in removing unwanted hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle. The intense heat of the laser damages the hair follicle, which inhibits future hair growth. It is also used for treat vascular lesions and acne, removing the signs of aging skin.

The CO laser is the most gentle, yet one the most effective lasers for 2 successful non-contact, bloodless and the most precise treatments of cutting, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissue from a clean operating field. It guarantees a minimum zone of necrosis in healthy tissue. In the configuration of the scan head applicator is an indispensable tool for smoothing and rejuvenating the skin, reduce wrinkles, hypertrophic scars.

Laser YAG-Erbium is the most gentle of the known lasers designed to offer doctors a new therapeutic options in the treatment of the soft tissue in dermatology. This device with it's carefully selected, the optimal set of parameters of laser, enables surgeons of aesthetic dermatology on removal of the epidermis and papillary dermis with precision microsurgery. This device is ideal for the treatment of skin lesions and shallow wrinkles.

Doris Pro Frax is the smallest and most advanced fractional laser, based on diode laser 1460nm. This wavelength is well absorbed by the highly hydrated tissues and therefore when a relatively low light output and less pain, we obtained better results with fractionation of tissue than the fractional laser CO , Erbium YAG, Erbium glass. It helps effectively in the 2 regeneration of collagen tissues with less pain and less energy. It is easy to use. The operator can control the depth of penetration of the beam between different treatments. Additionally using this laser is occured by a quick recovery after surgery.

Doris Pro Plus - CTL 1105MX is a cutting-edge medical device designed to perform precise hematostatic cuts, controlled coagulation and vaporization of tissue. Specially designed optical systems, the possibility of incorporation diodes and laser modules at different wavelengths: 635nm and 940nm and a fiber optic radiation transmission system tissue with a wide selection of applicators treatment and handles guarantee a unique range of applications in dermatology and aesthetic medicine and also phlebology.

Laser Doris Pro Duo - this is 2 -in-1 laser device. Large, therapeutic radiation power of aiming beam allows a laser Doris Pro Duo to perform non-invasive treatments, transdermal treatments, treatment of cancer lesions using LITT method - Laser Induced Thermotherapy, vascular lesions and also therapeutic treatments such as speeding up the healing process after microsurgical procedures.

Diode high-power laser Doris CTL Plus 1551 is a device commonly used in surgery and minimally invasive surgery. Parameters of radiation allow to perform surgical procedures contact, non-contact coagulation and others. The main advantages of it's use as a surgical instrument are: immediate hemostasis during the preparation of the tissue and coagulating blood capillary. Particularly suitable for endovascular removal of leg veins, laser lipolysis and others.

Lamp LED phototherapy is an innovative proposal of LED panel which generates 3 different wavelengths of light: blue (417nm), yellow (590nm), red (635nm) which are used depending on the type of surgery. The lamp is characterized by high efficiency, simple controls and a wide range of programs in cosmetic treatments. The device is very comfortable to use - panel with LED can raise the electric articulated boom connector and change position relative to the patient's. It is indispensable for the treatment of acne, recovering the injured skin, reconstruct the dermis collagen structure, post operative wound healing, regeneration after invasive procedures and microdermabrasion. Radiation lamps has antiwrinkle effect, regenerative, inhibits the development of inflammatory skin conditions.

MultiLED Mini LAMP is the equipment for phototherapy, equipped with 48 LEDs, the treatment area 26cm2, generate a choice of 3 different wavelengths of 420nm - blue for the treatment of acne, eliminate inflammation, 590nm - yellow for skin tightening, 633nm - red to rapid healing of skin wounds. They are characterized by high efficiency, noninvasive and convenient therapy without side effects, quick and permanent therapeutic effects.