Diode Surgical Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Duo 940nm - 5W + 635nm - 150mW

Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Duo - produces two wavelengths - 940nm and 635nm or both simultaneously. It is a device designed for over 300 surgical procedures in dentistry. The parameters of the laser radiation treatments allow you to conduct contact microsurgery, endodontics, periodontics. The second wavelength 635nm laser that can perform more than 150 low energy therapy treatments. Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Duo - combines thus the possibility of application of lasers Doris Pro and Doris Pro Mini. Multifunctional treatments provide exchangeable applicators: flexible fiber with dia 0,15mm and 0,32mm; lens applicator 0,3cm2 and rigid fiber 0,5cm2.y.