Lasers and accessories for dentistry and otolaryngology

Laser therapy CTL 1106M - Doris Mini - generates radiation having a wavelength of 635nm and a power of 150 mW. It is equipped with a graphical color display, made in the latest technology touch TFT. Our therapy laser Doris Mini - is a portable and handy device latest, third generation. Thus it can be easily used in a dentist's office. It allows to treat more than 150 diseases and dental cases, among others, treatment for allergy, periodontal diseases and mucosal inflammation. It's power of radiation - 150mW and it's wavelength - 635nm also allow on antimicrobial laser method of PAD.

Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro - generates radiation with a wavelength of 940nm, 3W and very high power density on the tissue. It is produced in two housing versions and each of the two housing in two color versions. Our laser is a device designed for a wide range of applications in microsurgery. Very thin flexible optical fiber with a diameter of 0.15mm enables the low power radiation - obtain parameters of radiation allowing the carrying out of procedures micro - surgical, endodontic and periodontal.

Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Duo - produces two wavelengths - 940nm and 635nm or both simultaneously. It is a device designed for over 300 surgical procedures in dentistry. The parameters of the laser radiation treatments allow you to conduct contact microsurgery, endodontics, periodontics. The second wavelength 635nm laser that can perform more than 150 low energy therapy treatments. Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Duo - combines thus the possibility of application of lasers Doris Pro and Doris Pro Mini. Multifunctional treatments provide exchangeable applicators: flexible fiber with dia 0,15mm and 0,32mm; lens applicator 0,3cm2 and rigid fiber 0,5cm2.y.

Laser CTL 1105MX - Doris Pro Trio is a Polish holding blue laser diode unit - 450nm. In addition it is equipped with diodes: 940nm and 635nm which makes the device a multifunctional - perfect for any dental surgery. Three wavelengths, adjustable power of radiation on each of the diodes and removable optical fibers and also rigid applicators allow you to perform a wide range of treatments in the field of minimally invasive microsurgery, periodontics, endodontics, biostimulation, disinfection by PAD method and a laser polymerization.

Laser CTL 1401 - Azuryt - generates radiation having a wavelength of 10600nm and a maximum power of 30W. It is equipped with a graphic color display, the latest in touch technology TFT and 7-mirror beam delivery system or waveguide. Our CO gas laser is the most gentle of 2 the known lasers for efficient, non-contact, bloodless and precise cutting of the treatments, vaporization and coagulation of soft tissue from a clean operating field. Laser surgery CTL 1401 Azuryt is used wherever it is appreciated precision, patient comfort and reputation of the office. Laser is an indispensable tool in dental surgery, prosthetics and implantology.

Erbium YAG Laser - Azuryt Plus - generates radiation with a wavelength of 2940nm and an average power of 15W. Our Yag laser: Er, the "laser turbine" - is a device increasingly replacing the traditional rotating turbine. It enables precise, non-contact developing cavities. Suitable also for removing the old cement and composite fillings. The laser is equipped with a system for producing water mist, which improves the efficiency of the interaction radiation with a hard tissue of the tooth. It is also useful for soft tissue microsurgery.