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CTL–Centre of Laser Technology LASERINSTRUMENTS Ltd. is the leading private Polish company specialising in the field of laser technology. The firm started it's activity in October 1991 in Warsaw. The main filed of company's activity is research, construction and production of lasers, laser modules, laser and opto-electronic systems for medicine, material processing, measurement technology, education, research and safety.

Our company specialises in execution of orders according to individual customers requirements. the company conducts also the training courses for: doctors, physiotherapists, engineers, physicists, etc. We focus on research, development and production of OEM modules, subassemblies and accessories for CO , YAG and Diode lasers. The CTL's range of products includes 30 own 2 construction of laser devices and technologies for two leading directions of it's acitivity i.e. medicine and industrial technologies. A few CTL's medical lasers already obtained the CE conformance marks with the directives of European Union and next lasers are under the adeqate research and compatibility procedures. As a complement to it's own offer CTL actively promotes and distributes laser and optoelectronic components and systems of renowned foreign companies on local markets.

Our company is absolutely committed to superior product quality and continuous improvement when developing our projects. Our personnel constantly improve their qualifications, among others through participation in specialist conferences, branch exhibitions, etc. Our devices are produced in compliance with International Standards for production and safety e.g. according to IEC-825, IEC-601, etc. Our company quality management has been confirmed with ISO 9001 certificate. We have our own R&D Department as well as 1500m of class A production and testing place. CTL cooperates with many research, service and production institutions here and abroad. In solving difficult, innovative design and research projects amplys leading specialists from Poland or abroad. CTL enjoys esteem within customers and business partners, which has been proven by many awards and distinctions granted to CTL among others twice GRAND PRIX of the prestigious fairs. CTL company became also the Leader of Enterprise in 1999.

The President of the company Ludwik Pokora (technical physicist, Ph. D., Prof.) is a known authority in laser and optoelectronic technology. He is the author of over 300 publications, 25 patents and two books on applications of lasers. Ludwik Pokora is the member of local and international scientific-technical societies and comittees, among others: International Society for Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineering (SPIE), IEEE Laser Association (EMLA). He is the expert in the EU committee for evaluation of research projects on laser technology and optoelectronics. He was also the Head of Department in High Medical School.

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